Filter Assets

See how to filter assets in your Vizible Asset Library for easy browsing.

Over time the number of assets available will grow. Presentation Designer provides three ways to search for assets; by Type/Subtype, Tag, and name. Multiple filters can be used together and are applied in that order. For example, selecting model type will only show the models, selecting the tag MyTag will only show models that have that tag assigned, and then adding be will only show the models with MyTag assigned beginning with the letters be.

Filter by Type/Subtype

The Type/Subtype filter box is located on the bottom left of the Assets windowThe Types are always shown, clicking on the arrows will show/hide the Subtypes for the given TypeClicking on one will turn the red indicator to the left on, showing that the filter is activeClicking on it again will turn the filter off

Search by Name

The name search bar is located above the asset thumbnail displayEnter the text of the name that you want to search forThe asset display will update as you type in text