Setting Presenter and Attendee Viewpoints, Tools, and Settings

Configure the viewpoint, default tools, and other properties for attendees and presenters on each slide of your VR presentation.

In Presentation Designer, there are two special assets called Standins. The Attendee Standin is used to add attributes and actions to the Attendee users joining a session. The Presenter Standin is used for the Presenter users.

Attributes of Standins:

Below are the useful adjustments you can make to Standins


If you want the user to be able to fall, you can Enable Falling from the Right Click Menu.Enabling falling will also allow the user to “step climb”, or move up objects that are similar to steps.

Default Tool

If you want the user to be able to use a specific tool on entering the session, add a Default Tool to the corresponding Standin by right clicking on the Standin in either the scene or the component graph and select "default tool". You'll then see the default tool property appear in the component graph and you can select from the tool dropdown to set the default tool that will be enabled on that particular slide. You can change which tool is enabled on each slide. 

Position/Rotation of Viewpoint

Resetting the viewpoint of users can be a useful tool in giving a Presentation, because it gives you fine-grained control over what users initially see as you begin and progress through your VR presentation. When dragging in the Presenter or Attendee Assets, you can set the location of the Attendee or Presenter in a Slide by adding a Reset Viewpoint action to the asset.


If you do NOT reset viewpoint on the standins, the user’s position will NOT be moved to the locations of the standins

Here are the steps:

  • Drag in the Presenter or Attendee Standin Asset
  • Left Click on the Presenter or Attendee Standin Asset
  • Right click on the Presenter or Attendee Standin Asset
  • Select Reset Viewpoint